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We’ve gone Washi tape crazy here at The Library Store. I have to admit, the lure of Washi tape hadn’t really hit me until I started doing research for this blog entry. Man, the options are really limitless when it comes to this adorable crafty tape! For those not in the know, Washi tape is craft tape, with a softer fabric feel to it. It isn’t quite as sticky as normal tape so it can be easily peeled off any surface you choose to stick it to. It comes in a dizzying array of colors, patterns, stripes, you name it! So what do you use it for, you ask? Well, that’s up to you, and only limited by your imagination! Here are some pretty neat DIY uses I came across on the web…

Like these adorable Easter eggs! You just take plain hardboiled eggs, make sure they’re really dry, and start covering them with Washi tape in whatever design you wish. The photo was taken by David Prince, and great step by step directions can be found here.

Amazing Washi tape on tiny books! You know we’re gonna go crazy over anything to do with books (we are The Library Store, after all.) Find the project instructions to make your own little Washi books (cute kitty not included) over here.

If digital art in more your style, this free clip art download found at Pugly Pixel is just for you! I used it to up the Washi factor on our images for this blog post, and it was a ton of fun! I can only imagine how much fun I’ll have when I try my hand at the real deal!

So come on in and check out our new selection of Washi tapes here at The Library Store. Stay tuned for an upcoming Crafternoon event as well– maybe we’ll be making the tiny Washi books in the store, and you’ll be invited to join in!

We’ve made good use of this quiet Monday in the library, by creating a verdant wonderland in one of our jewelry cases!

And what better to pair with a fresh green landscape than fresh new jewelry! These creations come from Polli Jewelry, based in Australia. Their designs are fun, whimsical, and creative which really shines through in this latest collection.

February is shaping up to be a pretty fantastic month! On top of all the new and exciting things showing up at the store, we found out a few days ago we were listed in the retail section of Los Angeles magazine’s Hidden LA Guide! They describe us as a “bitsy shop” crammed with an eclectic selection of goods… boy, they don’t know the half of it! So thanks LA Mag! We’re delighted to be included.

It’s that time of year again… the boxes of new items are tumbling in. We’ve got new plans, new ideas, and new inspirations galore for the store. In the haste of getting all these new fun things out onto the shelves, I wanted take a minute and share possibly our FAVORITE new item! Right in time for Library Lovers Month (which is February, in case you didn’t know!), and the lovey dovey holiday on the 14th, we present the I Left My Heart in the Library card! Handmade here in LA especially for The Library Store. $5.00 each, available in store and online too!

Get in the “spirit” of the season with a few cocktail party related gifts! This intoxicating gift guide is full to the brim with ideas for bringing a little holiday cheer to your soiree!

1. Let’s start with the hors d’oeuvres! Any little food morsel will taste better (and a little more rock and roll)  when served on the end of one of these Guitar Pick Toothpicks. As the packaging says, these toothpicks go to eleven! $6.25/ set of 24

2. To bring a little style to the party, how about serving up your drinks on these Eames Chair Coasters? From the Museum of Modern Art, NY comes this coaster set depicting 4 of the  iconic Eames chairs.  They look like glass, but in fact are made from durable plastic with little rubber feet to keep them from sliding. $20.00/ set of 4

3. For the element of surprise at your holiday soiree, try some ice cubes frozen in the form of Edvard Munch’s classic, “The Scream”! With this silicone rubber Ice Screams tray, you can easily recreate his expressionistic rendering in tiny, ice cube form. Fill up the glasses, and wait for the gasps! $10.00

4. Perfect party accessory, and also stocking stuffer idea– the Kabuki Bottle Opener. These aren’t on our website so you’ll have to stop by the store to admire them. They’re durable, colorful, and fun! $5.00

5. And finally, a little book chock full of drink recipes, advice, and barstool wisdom– aptly titled  Old Man Drinks. Forget the mojitos! This book will guide you through the drinks your grandpa would remember. Make way for the Harvey Wallbanger, the Rusty Nail, the Gimlet, and more…  $14.95

Of course, all of these items would make great gifts in addition to their party potential. We here at The Library Store hope you’ve enjoyed our series of Gift Guides this holiday season. We’ll be open almost every day till Christmas Eve (just closed on Sunday this week), so we hope you’ll stop by to pick up the remaining items on your list. Or if you’re like me, you can come by to START your holiday shopping! Happy Holidays! Thanks for reading!

A “gifty” holiday… yes, apologies for the silly title. This holiday gift guide is for the office party gift, the stocking stuffer, the fun little gift for that person that seems to already have EVERYTHING. Without further ado, the gifty gifts!

1. Fruit Slices Apple Memo Pad and Pear Memo Pad. Fruit slice shaped memo pads, where each sheet is a slice! A perfect unique gift for your office buddy or organized note writing friend. $4.00

2. Alphabet Book Bag from Sukie. Guaranteed to turn heads with the 60’s pop art design, this tote is as useful as it is eye catching. Complete with hidden magnetic fasteners to keep everything safe. $22.00

3. When we saw these reusable glass water bottles, we knew they had to be in the store. The Hose Water and Tap is Terrific designs are available for purchase online, but you’ll have to come by the store to see the hummingbird design. These are a great alternative to those wasteful plastic water bottles we all toss. $16.00

4. A Library Store favorite– the tiny Capsule Letter! These are actually tiny capsules complete with a teeny tiny roll of paper within. Open the capsule, unroll the paper, write your message, and put it back together again. Now you have a super sleuth secret message for a special someone! Such a fun design! $3.50

5. The Camera Pencil Sharpener, which not only looks sharp, but will keep your pencils sharp too! In a cool retro camera design, this utilitarian gift will be a hit! $12.95

Hope this guide helps with your holiday giving plans! And stay tuned… up next is the final gift guide, and it’s sure to be intoxicating…..

As much as we all love the holidays (we do, right? right?)… we all know that the most fun to be had on Christmas morning is by the kiddies!  The thrill of seeing all those brightly wrapped presents, just waiting to be ripped open and enjoyed! Here’s a few of our picks sure to be a hit with the kiddies you love.

1. The Design Your Own Superhero Kit and Fashion Designers Kit from Seedling, a New Zealand Company that is all about encouraging the natural process of thinking and doing.  We strive to carry products that spark the imagination, and these are at the top of our list here at The Library Store. $38.00 and $46.00 respectively.

2. P’Kolino Crayons (we carry Colored Pencils too!). These crayons have superior, smooth color transfer, are triangular in shape to keep them from rolling away, and make for a perfect fit in tiny artist hands.  $6.00

3. Tegu Magnetic Blocks, the blocks that click! These wooden blocks have magnets safely embedded within them, which allows for gravity defying creations! Natural colored blocks available online, and in the store we have naturally color tinted sets as well. $28.00

4. What’s better than showing off to your friends your yoyo skills? Showing your friends your yoyo skills with the yoyo you designed yourself! Everything needed to make one awesome wooden yoyo included in the Design Your Own Yoyo Kit. $15.00

5. And for the tiniest of the holiday kiddos, the Los Angeles Onesie. Super soft organic cotton onesie printed with a map of our beloved city of Angels. $25.00

As always, much much more online or in the store! Stop on by and check it out!