Get in the “spirit” of the season with a few cocktail party related gifts! This intoxicating gift guide is full to the brim with ideas for bringing a little holiday cheer to your soiree!

1. Let’s start with the hors d’oeuvres! Any little food morsel will taste better (and a little more rock and roll)  when served on the end of one of these Guitar Pick Toothpicks. As the packaging says, these toothpicks go to eleven! $6.25/ set of 24

2. To bring a little style to the party, how about serving up your drinks on these Eames Chair Coasters? From the Museum of Modern Art, NY comes this coaster set depicting 4 of the  iconic Eames chairs.  They look like glass, but in fact are made from durable plastic with little rubber feet to keep them from sliding. $20.00/ set of 4

3. For the element of surprise at your holiday soiree, try some ice cubes frozen in the form of Edvard Munch’s classic, “The Scream”! With this silicone rubber Ice Screams tray, you can easily recreate his expressionistic rendering in tiny, ice cube form. Fill up the glasses, and wait for the gasps! $10.00

4. Perfect party accessory, and also stocking stuffer idea– the Kabuki Bottle Opener. These aren’t on our website so you’ll have to stop by the store to admire them. They’re durable, colorful, and fun! $5.00

5. And finally, a little book chock full of drink recipes, advice, and barstool wisdom– aptly titled  Old Man Drinks. Forget the mojitos! This book will guide you through the drinks your grandpa would remember. Make way for the Harvey Wallbanger, the Rusty Nail, the Gimlet, and more…  $14.95

Of course, all of these items would make great gifts in addition to their party potential. We here at The Library Store hope you’ve enjoyed our series of Gift Guides this holiday season. We’ll be open almost every day till Christmas Eve (just closed on Sunday this week), so we hope you’ll stop by to pick up the remaining items on your list. Or if you’re like me, you can come by to START your holiday shopping! Happy Holidays! Thanks for reading!