A “gifty” holiday… yes, apologies for the silly title. This holiday gift guide is for the office party gift, the stocking stuffer, the fun little gift for that person that seems to already have EVERYTHING. Without further ado, the gifty gifts!

1. Fruit Slices Apple Memo Pad and Pear Memo Pad. Fruit slice shaped memo pads, where each sheet is a slice! A perfect unique gift for your office buddy or organized note writing friend. $4.00

2. Alphabet Book Bag from Sukie. Guaranteed to turn heads with the 60’s pop art design, this tote is as useful as it is eye catching. Complete with hidden magnetic fasteners to keep everything safe. $22.00

3. When we saw these reusable glass water bottles, we knew they had to be in the store. The Hose Water and Tap is Terrific designs are available for purchase online, but you’ll have to come by the store to see the hummingbird design. These are a great alternative to those wasteful plastic water bottles we all toss. $16.00

4. A Library Store favorite– the tiny Capsule Letter! These are actually tiny capsules complete with a teeny tiny roll of paper within. Open the capsule, unroll the paper, write your message, and put it back together again. Now you have a super sleuth secret message for a special someone! Such a fun design! $3.50

5. The Camera Pencil Sharpener, which not only looks sharp, but will keep your pencils sharp too! In a cool retro camera design, this utilitarian gift will be a hit! $12.95

Hope this guide helps with your holiday giving plans! And stay tuned… up next is the final gift guide, and it’s sure to be intoxicating…..